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famous logos messages

Famous logos with hidden messages

Can you spot the hidden messages in these well know logos?

What is a logo?

A logo is a symbol made up of images, shapes and text. A logo can help us identify a brand. When you see the big golden “M” you know it stands for McDonalds, when you see the blue bird you know it stands for Twitter and when you see the black tick you know it stands for Nike. A logo is the visual identity of a brand and that why it’s to important that a logo fits with the brand. Here are some brands which have very clever logos, you may have to look closely!



The bottom of the letter “P” is pointed, like a pin!




The negative space between the letter “E” and the “x” is shaped like an arrow.



The arrow points from a-z. Which represents the variety of products that Amazon sell.


logos_le tour de france

Le Tour De France

The”Our” in “Tour” and the sun, is shaped like a person riding a bike.





The dot on the “i” is cut off, like it has been shaved off. The same with the letter “G”.




The “C” and the “o” make the shape of a tyre.




beats. by dr. dre

The icon looks like a person wearing headphones from side on. (The red being the head, and the white “b” as the headphones.)


A logo isn’t just there to look pretty. It also builds up your brand recognition, can tell people what your business does and can make you stand out from your competition. Do you need a logo for your new business or looking at re-branding? Read about how we can help you here.


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